In North America, in the context of the oil sands production, the infrastructure of this industry is everywhere. Its iconography of tankers, pickups, helicopters, power-lines, refineries, and seemingly endless pipes, and highway construction is so commonplace that it is rendered benign in the everyday, unless you take time to concentrate on it, or come to it with new eyes.

Crude an essayist film, directed and produced by Andrew Denton,  attempts to see and hear some of the elusive signs of anthropogenic climate change in order to render the invisible, visible, to evoke contemplations on the subject of ecological crisis. The film seeks to evoke a space of reflection, uneasiness, and sadness by engaging with the residual and stratified signs of our collective impact on our environment.

“I have felt awe in the face of the destruction I witnessed during this project. Despite this, I knew at my core I needed to resist a spectacular encounter with the subject; to take a deep slow breath and look at the vibrations and pulses that were radiating from the source. This conclusion led me away from the production sites of oil and out into the world of its consumption. I drew a line on the map that started at the refineries in Edmonton and finished at the golf courses and wind farms of Palm Springs. This was followed by an epilogue excursion that took me to the farms and toxic waters of the Salton Sea, where the residue of our wants leaves visible traces of what our future might be.”¬†Andrew Denton

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